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How to prepare document in (La)TeX

PACS Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme.

Imact Factor of russian and foreign journals.

Citation Indices of JINR Scientists

Citation Indices evaluated by Web of Knowledge

Journal Abbreviation Index Supported by Institute of Scientific Information (ISI).

Russian-English, English-Russian Dictionary and Translator.

The Mathematal Reviews Submission server. The web archive supported by Americal Mathematical Society. Users can submit their papers to the server.

The Mathematical Physics preprint server. Free archive supported by the University of Texas. Users can retrieve papers from the server and submit their papers to the server.


CERN Library Catalog.
DESY Library Catalog .
JINR Library Catalog.
SLAC Library Catalog.


Web of Knowledge - Scitation Index data base supported by Institute of Scientific Information.
SCOPUS - Search engine supported by Elsevier. Quick quide is here.  
Impact Factors of Scientific Journals derived from the information contained in the Scopus database (SJR Server).
InSPIRE Search interface for preprints and journal articles data base.
ArXiv Los Alamos Physics Information Server
Preprints in Physical Sciences
EBSCO - Electronic Journal Service.
KEK Information Service System for Preprints .
CERN Document Server.
JINR Document Server.
e-library: Full text journals in all fields of sciences. After entering e-library home page register yourself.
INIS - International Nuclear Information System provides Bibliographic database and full text NonConventional Literature (INIS NCL) on nuclear science and technology. 

Annual Reviews: publications among the most highly cited in all fields of sciences.

Encyclopedias and Handbooks

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