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Constellations - Draco - 58pi Dra

Identification Data
Common Name
Star Name58pi Dra
Skymap Number19200173
Henry Draper (HD) Number182564
Harvard Revised (HR) Number7371
SAO Number18299
Durchmusterung (DM) NumberBD+65 1345
Washington Double Stars (WDS) Number

Positional Data
Position and Proper Motion (PPM) Number21456
Right Ascension (RA) J200019h 20m 40.092s
Declination (Dec) J2000+65° 42' 52.313"
Position Uncertainty0.0053s
Proper Motion in RA (J2000)/cos(Dec)+0.00228
Proper Motion in Dec (J2000)+0.041666
Radial Velocity-028.7km s-1
Trigonometric Parallax+0.01452s
Trigonometric Parallax Uncertainty0.00046s
GCI Unit Vector in X (J2000)0.141793
GCI Unit Vector in Y (J2000)-0.386068
GCI Unit Vector in Z (J2000)0.911508
Galactic Longitude96.90°
Galactic Latitude
Observational Data
Observed Visual Magnitude (V)4.59
Derived Visual Magnitude
Derived Visual Magnitude or Observed Visual Magnitude Uncertainty0.002
Observed B Magnitude4.64
Observed B-V Colour+0.046
Observed B Magnitude or (B-V) Magnitude Uncertainty0.003
Observed U Magnitude
Observed U-B Colour
Observed U Magnitude or (U-B) Magnitude Uncertainty
Observed Photovisual Magnitude4.6
Observed Photographic Magnitude4.7
Morgan Keenan (MK) Spectral TypeA2IIIs
One-Dimensional Spectral ClassA2
Position Angle
Year of Observation AD

Data Source
SKY2000 - Master Star Catalog - Star Catalog Database, Version 2
    Sande C.B., Warren Jr. W.H., Tracewell D.A., Home A.T., Miller A.C.
    (Goddard Space Flight Center, Flight Dynamics Division (1998))

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