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Welcome to

  • Constants - Over 600 alphabetically listed entries
  • Equations - updated - Some 450 entries
  • Periodic Table - Complete periodic table with info on each element
  • Conversions - updated - Interactive conversion of over 500 units
  • Java Structurer - updated - Create your own interactive chemical compunds to find their systematic names
  • SI Units - Details on all the standard SI Units of measurement
  • Maths
  • Topics - Explanations of the more common aspects of maths. Over 400 links
  • Numbers - Addition & Multiplication tables, log tables, metric prefixes and more
  • Algebra - updated - All the common algebraic identities, including complex numbers
  • Trigonometry - updated - Identities
  • Calculus - Integral and differential functions
  • Symbols - Greek alphabet, electronic symbols and mathematical symbols
  • Astronomy
  • Planets - updated - Details on all the currently known planets and their satellites
  • Constellations - updated - Table of constellations with info on 3164 stars
  • Sunrise & Sunset Times - Times for 231 locations around the world
  • Moon Phases - Tables of moon phases for the next 20 years
  • I am pleased to announce that has found a sponsor.
    The Institute of Physics has agreed to house the site and will ensure it is made available on their servers to all users on a more reliable basis.
    The Institute of Physics is an international learnÚd society and professional body for the advancement and dissemination of physics, pure and applied, and promotion of physics education. The Intitute is a registered charity, no. 293851 and has over 30,000 members world-wide.

    Welcome to The Constants and Equations Pages, an award-winning project providing one of the internet's most comprehensive sources for information on constants and equations, as well as much, much more. There are currently over 10,800 pages of information on this site.
 is now in it's fourth year and is now more extensive than ever. Since its conception, has received over 20 million hits, with the number increasing every month!

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